Game year: 1389 – 31 years after the Time of Troubles

The lost thaig of Kal-Sharok was a shining, unique, beacon of cooperation between humans and dwarfs that was ruled over by a wise dwarven king, a mighty and respected wizard. The king was accused, by the humans in his council of advisors, of being corrupted by a great darkness. The humans of the thaig, following the human advisors, eventually revolted. They were quickly driven out of the thaig by the mighty forces of the king, and the magics of him and his loyal advisors. The king, as a defense against future human treachery, used great magics to move the thaig, and set up a series of magical portals as the only way in. These portals were only able to be used by dwarfs, as another layer of protection.

The humans, with some say elven aid, were able to place a curse upon the portals however, so that only humans could see the portals, and even then only when actively trying to find them. Some dwarfs left the thaig in the first few centuries, accepting they wouldn’t be able to return, but most stayed behind. To this day, none of those who stayed have been seen or heard from.

It has been a long time since great Kal-Sharok was known to the common dwarf people, roughly 3000 years. Many believe it is a myth, a story told to highlight why humans and elves are not to be trusted. One small village of dwarfs however believe, claiming to be descendants of the dwarfs who left the thaig. Thirty years ago the residents, as a whole, experienced a dream where Moradin spoke to them. He told them it was time to return to the thaig, and that four infants would be delivered to them. Half dwarf, half human, they were to be raised by the dwarf families they were delivered to and, once grown, they would know the day they were to depart on the quest to rediscover the thaig, and all that was within.

Quest for the lost thaig Kal-Sharok